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We aim to provide as much free information as we can to help you with the process of renting in London.

Using A2Z London Rents  - Information on how to use this web site.
Renting out Your Property - Advice on renting out your property and saving money.
Home Information Packs - Information on HIPs

A2Z London Rents is a completely free D.I.Y. property advertising web site for renting Property, Shops, Commercial units, Garages and Private Parking Spaces we want you to save as much money as you can in the process by not having to pay estate agents fees and by doing some of the work yourself or if you choose to pay the estate agents’ fees we want to provide you with grounds to compare. As this is a free web site we are currently unable to offer any services other than those available on this site. But in the near future we will be able to provide you with a personal property consultant at a very competitive rate.

Using A2Z London Rents

Using Post Your Property option is easy and straight forward. All you need to do is register with a valid email address to receive your password, this email address cannot be changed and will be the way you receive replacement passwords and correspondence from us in the future, so please ensure that it is valid, once you have your password you can sign in.
The first time you sign in you will be asked to provide some simple information for our administration and the contact details you would like to used in all of your advertisements, this information can be changed at any time from the Control Panel.
After completing this you will be taken to the Control Panel, where you can Add Properties For Rent, Edit existing property details, Add or update photo(s) for existing properties, Delete properties that have been rented or no longer need to be advertised. You can also Edit your personal details and Change your password.

Add Property

To Add Property click for rent button, this will take you to the correct data input page.
When adding a new property please ensure that you add as much relevant detail as possible, try to include room sizes in the description text as this will help potential tenants to better visualize the layout of the property.
After adding property you will automatically be taken back to the Control Panel where you will see the new entry under the correct heading, from here you can view the property details by clicking on the address or the reference ID, you can also Edit, add Photos or Delete the entry.

Edit Property

To Edit an entry just click the word "Edit" next to the property you wish to change, this will take you to the Edit page, here you will see all your existing information, you just need to make the relevant changes and click Submit, this will automatically take you back to the Control Panel.

Delete Property

To Delete an entry just click the word "Delete" next to the property that is no longer required, you will be prompted with a confirmation, click OK and the entry will be removed from the database alone with the photo(s).
It's as simple as that, you can now manage and maintain your property rentals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world over the internet.

Information on photos of your property

Taking photos of your property is relatively easy, especially as most people now have access to a digital camera. Generally we would not recommend using photos taken with a mobile phone camera unless it has a high resolution.

Taking the photos

Set the camera to the highest pixel level that is available, 5 mega pixels or greater should be ideal to achieve good quality pictures. Take the photos in good light and from different angles. Obviously the most important photos are the front of the property and those showing the size and condition of the rooms.
Once you have sufficient pictures you then need to load them on to your computer, you should be able to do this using a USB connection and in some cases with software provided by the camera manufacture. Currently there is a limit of 5 photos per property, so select the best 5 pictures that show your property's fullest potential.

Resizing the photo

Your chosen photos may need to be resized, the optimum size is 320 (w) x 240 (h) pixels or slightly larger, of the same or very similar ratio 4:3, maximum 1 Mb.
This is because the 320 x 240 pixels size and 4:3 ratio is used to display all photos on this site. However your photos do not have to be the exact size, as our system will automatically resize the photos while maintaining their prospective, but it is import that the photo(s) are not less than 320 x 240 as this could stretch the photo(s) making them more difficult to view. The other criteria is that the file size must be 1024 Kb (1 Mb) or below, this is to save space and to reduce the time taken to upload your photos to our system.
Thumb nail photos will appear automatically and will swap and enlarger on the details page viewed by potential buyers

Photo type

We can only accept photos in JPG (JPEG), GIF and PNG formats, however this should not be a problem as JPG is generally the format used by digital cameras.

Uploading your photos

After resizing your pictures the process of uploading is straight forward, sign in to A2Z London Rents, from the Control Panel once you have added the property that your wish to rent, you will see the property appears in the Control Panel, on the right of the property details you will see the highlighted word "Photo" by clicking on this word you will be taken to the Add Photo(s) page for that particular property.
On the Add Photo(s) page select your chosen photos in the text boxes in the order you would like them to appear i.e. Main Photo for the first photo you would like people to see, Photo2 the second and so on. Once all required photos are selected and visible in the text box, you can then click the Submit button, this will upload your photo(s) in the designated position for that particular property. The time taken to upload will vary depending on the size of the photo(s), how many are being upload and your internet connection type, you will automatically be taken back to the Control Panel when the photo(s) have been uploaded successfully. You can replace the photo(s) or change their order at any time, by following the same process.
Once completed you will be able to see the photo(s) in the detail page by click the property address or the property reference ID, please note when reviewing the results to click your browser's refresh button to ensure that all changes to the web page are updated in your browser's cache.

You need to spend a little time to find the rent value of your property to ensure that it is priced correctly for the market.

To do this we recommend comparing the renting prices with similar properties in your area, try to find out what price they are being offered at, in the local newspapers, on the internet and at your local estate agents, you can also find out how much similar properties in your area have rented for in the past by using Rent Prices section on our web site.
Once you have gathered enough information you should be able to put a competitive rental price on your property according to local market conditions and how quickly you need to rent it. Remember pricing your property competitively will ensure more viewings and increase your probability of a quick renting.